Many parents & coaches are accidentally damaging kids’ youth sports experiences…

…and they don’t realize it

Here’s What You Get With The Iceberg System


Fewer Problems in Your Organization

Associations have fewer conflicts and complaints because hot button issues like playing time, team selection, and player development are addressed.

Parents understand what things hurt their child’s youth sports experience and what things often strain parent-athlete relationships.

Coaches recognize the actions that accidentally crush an athlete’s confidence or steal their love for the game.

Kids Beg To Play Year After Year

Today, 70% of kids quit by age 13.  The #1 reason they quit sports is because they’re not having fun anymore. 

Most people think it’s just the “crazy” parents & coaches who damage a child’s youth sports experience.  But many level-headed adults are accidentally sucking the fun out of sports…and they don’t even realize it. 

The Iceberg System teaches parents & coaches how to keep youth sports fun so kids continue to love the game and beg to play season after season.

A Program That’s Easy For Everyone

The Iceberg System is a curriculum of different short online courses.  Parents & coaches of 3rd-8th grade athletes only take one course per year.

All courses are 30 minutes in length but are made up of short video lessons which are updated regularly with the latest research and expert recommendations.

The Iceberg System is easy for organizations to implement.  

My Story

Hi, I’m Lynnelle Sell

Founder, Iceberg Sports Education


If you’re curious about my background and the story behind Iceberg Sports Education, please check out the video below. 


Tired Of The Drama & Complaints Once Teams Are Announced?


This simple checklist with templates will save your sanity and your time. 

(5-Minute Read)

Help Nervous Athletes Before Tryouts

Give parents access to materials to help their nervous athlete.

Slash Complaints After Team Selections

Fewer phone calls & emails roll in after teams are announced. 

Help Families Deal With Roster Results

Link families to helpful resources regarding team selections.