Helping Associations, Clubs, & Schools Create A Better Youth Sports Experience For Kids

We provide youth sports organizations with short online courses that get parents & coaches on the same page, so kids have more fun and organizations have fewer complaints

The Youth Sports Problem

50% Of Kids Today Quit Sports By Age 11

The #1 reason why kids quit is because they’re not having fun


It’s NOT just the people screaming on the sidelines damaging the youth sports experience. Many level-headed parents & coaches are accidentally sucking the fun out of youth sports too…but they don’t realize it. 

If you’re a parent, do you…

Coach your child on the car ride home even though your athlete is exhausted and not in the mood to listen?

Constantly talk about your child's sports at the dinner table?

Encourage your athlete to focus on their goals such as scoring 10 points a game, hitting .300, or winning a championship?

If you’re a coach, do you…

Continually shout out instructions to your players during the game?

Give your athletes feedback by telling them what not to do? ie. Don't dribble through the trap. Don't swing at the high pitch.

Primarily use drills to work on your players' skill development at practice?

If you said, “yes” to any of the above questions, it’s NOT what experts recommend

The Iceberg System Delivers…

More Fun For Youth Athletes

Fewer Problems For Organizations

A Program That’s Easy For Everyone

We All Can Agree

Every Kid Deserves A Great Youth Sports Experience


Imagine what it could be like in your organization…

Kids have a blast and beg to play in your association, club, or school year after year.

Parents understand what things hurt their child’s youth sports experience and what things often strain parent-athlete relationships.

Coaches recognize the actions that accidentally crush an athlete’s confidence or steal their love for the game.

You have fewer conflicts and complaints because hot button issues like playing time, team selection, and player development are addressed.

Positive sideline behavior develops without you enforcing any new rules.

The Youth Sports Solution

What Makes The Iceberg system Different?


We believe when parents & coaches get on the same page and implement 2-3 new “golden nuggets” of information each season, it creates a much better youth sports experience for kids

The Program Is Easy For Everyone

The Iceberg System is a curriculum of 6 short online courses made for busy people. Parents & coaches of 3rd-8th grade athletes take one 30-minute course per year. It’s simple for organizations to implement. Our software tracks parent & coach participation.

Parent & Coach Education Is Combined

Parents & coaches take the same courses, so they get on the same page about what it takes to create an amazing youth sports experience for kids. When parents & coaches work as a team, rather than against each other, associations have fewer conflicts & complaints.

The Focus Is On Communication

Each course in The Iceberg System has specific tools to improve communication between athletes, parents, & coaches.  When individuals are on the same page and communicating well, problems are significantly reduced in both youth sports organizations & within the family.

Three simple steps

How The Overall Process Works



Book A Chat

We’ll talk and then you’ll determine if we go to step 2.  If so, you’ll get FREE access to course 1 to vet the program. You’ll also get materials about The Iceberg System to share with your fellow board members.


Schedule A Group Talk

We’ll book a 10-minute Zoom or in-person meeting with your board. I’ll explain how The Iceberg System works and answer any questions. If interested, your entire board will get FREE access to course 1.


Watch Your Association Thrive

Your kids will have a blast and play year after year.  Your organization will have fewer headaches & hassles because parents & coaches are on the same page about how to create a great youth sports experience.


What People Are Saying About The Iceberg System


“I thought these videos were awesome! I love how they are short and get right to the point. The parent-child relationship is spot-on! My kids watched lessons 1 & 3 and they were locked in and had very positive feedback.”

Brad Keenan

Boys Traveling Coordinator, Chaska Area Youth Basketball Association

“These videos were really awesome!  I would love for all parents, coaches and athletes to have these!!”

Rachel Falkowski

Parent of 3 youth athletes

“I thought the lessons were excellent.  The concise presentation of the information was very good.  I thought the lessons were a fantastic summary of parent issues without being too preachy.  They were a great length.  Nice work!”

Daniel Harrison

President, Cottage Grove Athletic Association

Partnering with Youth Sports Orgs

You Can Focus on Running Your Organization & Iceberg Sports Education Will Help Make It A Success


Everyone involved in youth sports means well, but parents, coaches, and youth sports leaders all have different ideas about how to create the best possible youth sports experience for kids.

So what’s happening is 70% of kids are quitting sports by age 13, organizations are having more problems, and the game-day experience is deteriorating for everyone.

I understand how challenging it is for parents, coaches, officials, & youth sports leaders to navigate the youth sports environment today.  So much has changed over the years.

When we’re all on the same page, following the latest research and expert recommendations about how to create a great youth sports experience, kids have a blast and keep playing and organizations have fewer conflicts and complaints.

Every child deserves a great youth sports experience. Iceberg Sports Education is here to help.

Lynnelle Sell

Founder, Iceberg Sports Education

Free Guide

Tired of The Drama & Complaints Once Teams Are Announced?


This simple checklist with templates will save your sanity and your time

(5-Minute Read)

Help Nervous Athletes Before Tryouts

Give parents access to materials to help their nervous athlete.

Slash Complaints After Team Selections

Fewer phone calls & emails roll in after teams are announced. 

Help Families Deal With Roster Results

Link families to helpful resources regarding team selections.