50% of kids quit sports by age 11

Short Online Courses For Busy Youth Sports Parents & Coaches

Cut the drama and create a better youth sports experience for the kids in your organization


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Software tracks participation


Costs less than a movie ticket

Youth Sports Organization Leaders, Do These Issues Concern You? 


50% of kids in the US quit sports by 11 years old and the main reason is because they're not having fun.

There's too much pressure on youth athletes today.

The focus in youth sports has shifted from fun and learning to winning and "college-like" play.

There's a lack of quality coaches at the youth levels.

Parents are becoming one of the biggest challenges in youth sports today.

Create A Better Experience For The Kids In Your Youth Sports Organization


Parent & Coach Teamwork

It’s the only program where parents & coaches take the same courses. When parents & coaches are on the same page about how to create a fun sports experience, conflicts in organizations are significantly reduced.

Clear Communication

Effective communication is key to cutting the drama, stress & complaints in youth sports.  Our pre-season and in-season communication tools create clear dialogue between parents, coaches, and youth athletes.

Keep Youth Sports Fun

When kids are having fun, they’ll keep playing in your organization year after year. Over 90% of participating parents & coaches have said our program will help them improve the youth sports experience for their athletes.

I Understand The Challenges You Face


As a parent to 3 grown athletic kids, a coach for over 15 years, and a former college athlete, I understand how challenging today’s youth sports environment can be. 

The Iceberg System is full of insights and ideas I wish I’d known when my kids were younger. 

 I’ve faced my fair share of sports-related challenges. But, I’ve also gained many valuable lessons and insights along the way. 

I created The Iceberg System to help parents, coaches, and organizations make sure kids have a blast so they’re excited to play year after year.

Lynnelle Sell

Praise For The Iceberg System


Youth Sports Organization Leader

“This stuff is different, pithy, and tangible.  Even our most seasoned parents & coaches found it helpful.”


“Originally, I thought this was a silly thing to have to do because I feel like I’m not a crazy parent but I realized that I’m making a lot of mistakes and this course helped me !!! I’m excited to use what I learned this season!”


“Everyone needs to hear this message.  The coach’s stuff on playing time was wonderful.”

Here’s How The Process Works For Youth Sports Organizations




Book a quick Zoom call to get your questions answered. If interested, get FREE access to the courses to vet the program yourself.



Schedule a 10-minute virtual or in-person chat for your next board meeting. Enable your group’s leaders to make an informed decision. 



Create an environment where the kids in your organization have a blast, love the game, and are excited to keep playing year after year.

Don’t Let The Kids In Your Organization Become A Statistic


Today’s families are swamped with hectic schedules, leaving little spare time between the hustle of practices and competitions.

That’s why The Iceberg System was crafted to be easily consumed by parents & coaches and quickly implemented by organizations.

The goal is for parents & coaches to actively apply 2-3 key ideas or insights from each course, continually improving year after year.

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In organizations, parents & coaches take just ONE 30-minute course per year as their athletes progress from 3rd-8th grade.  Each 5-minute lesson is filled with gold nuggets of actionable information.

Our software tracks parent & coach participation, ensuring high completion rates.  Plus, we’ll help you get the entire program running in just one hour.

Individuals have the flexibility to opt for a single course, a bundle of courses 1-3, or all 6 courses. (Coming Soon: Course 1-3 Bundle)

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Score Big with A Trio of Game-Changing Tools


The Team Selection Guide

Tired of the drama and complaints once teams are announced?  This simple checklist with templates will save your time and sanity by slashing complaints after teams are announced.  Plus, it equips parents with strategies to effectively help their athletes manage nerves during tryouts and navigate disappointing roster outcomes.

The Coach's Checklist

Use this tool to help the coaches in your youth sports organization.  Coaching can be incredibly time-consuming and demanding.  This checklist:  1. Saves coaches’ time and effort when preparing for their pre-season team meeting. 2. Lists all of the essential topics coaches must cover. 3. Sets the stage for open dialogue from day one of the season.

The Optimal Push Guide

Be the best parent for your athlete!  Take the quiz inside to discover if you’re a supportive, pressuring, or optimal pushing parent…and learn how to make changes if necessary. Also, get answers to questions like, “My athlete is not doing the necessary things to achieve their goals. How can I best handle it without damaging our relationship?”