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The Iceberg System

Partnering with youth sports organizations so they can support parents & coaches to create a positive youth sports experience where kids love playing and associations, clubs, and schools have fewer conflicts & complaints 

The Youth Sports Problem

Everyone Involved In Youth Sports Means Well But…


Parents, coaches, and youth sports organization leaders all have their own ideas about how to create the best possible youth sports experience for kids. Unfortunately, people are not on the same page, so what’s happening is…

70% of kids are quitting sports by age 13

The #1 reason why kids quit sports is because they’re not having fun.

Organizations are having more drama & complaints

Hot-buttons: Team Selection, Playing Time, & Player Development

The game-day experience is deteriorating

A handful of disrespectful parents & coaches are damaging it.

Founder, iceberg sports education

Hi, I’m Lynnelle Sell


I believe parents & coaches have the best intentions to help kids succeed. Unfortunately, good intentions can sometimes have unexpected and damaging consequences.  

As a parent, it’s difficult to know how hard to push your athlete.  You want your child to reach their full athletic potential, but you don’t want to destroy your relationship or cause them to burn out.

As a coach, you want your players to develop and your team to flourish, but it’s not easy dealing with overly-involved parents with high expectations. 

I made many mistakes as a youth sports parent and I’d like a few “do-overs” as a coach – I’m a mom to 3 grown athletic boys, a youth coach with over 15 years of experience, a former college athlete, and a sports medicine physical therapist – but I’ve learned many important lessons along the way.  

I created The Iceberg System to help parents, coaches, and organizations provide kids with the best possible youth sports experience.

For the kids,


The Youth Sports Solution

Short Online Courses For Parents & Coaches


The Iceberg System is simple for youth sports organizations to implement and easy for busy parents & coaches to consume

Who: Parents & coaches of 3rd-8th grade athletes

Parents & coaches take the same courses, so everyone gets on the same page about how to create a great youth sports experience for kids. 

What: A series of short online courses taken at home

Parents & coaches take one 30-minute online course per year in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

How: Software tracks parent & coach participation

Organizations send parents & coaches a login link.  Our software tracks parent & coach participation based on their athletes’ age level/grade.

The First Course

After Completing Course 1: The Foundation…


Well-meaning parents will stop coaching their unreceptive athletes on the car ride home. (The #1 thing kids dislike most about youth sports is the car ride home.)

Competent coaches will clearly explain to parents & athletes how playing time is determined. (Parents’ #1 complaint is a coach’s lack of transparency about playing time.)

Supportive parents will significantly reduce stress on athletes by aligning their goals with their children’s and helping their athletes focus on the process – their controllable goals.

All parents & coaches will understand the top factors that make youth sports fun for kids.  (The #1 reason why kids quit sports is because they’re not having fun.)

Parent, coach, and athlete communication will be tremendously improved by 3 tools – The Pre-Season Parent Primer, The Pre-Season Athlete Primer, and The Coach’s Checklist.

The coach gets a copy of the Parent & Athlete Primers

The Pre-Season Parent Primer

It’s a questionnaire that helps parents determine what they really want their child to get from the season. The coach also gains insight into the parent’s expectations and how to best coach the child.

The Pre-Season Athlete Primer

This questionnaire facilitates communication between the parent & the athlete as they discuss the child’s goals and expectations for the season. The coach also discovers how to work with the athlete best.

The Coach’s Checklist

It saves coaches a ton of time and effort while ensuring they cover all of the important topics during their pre-season team meeting. It also helps coaches clearly explain how playing time will be determined.

Curriculum of Courses

How The 6 Courses Work Together


The Iceberg System is a series of 6 different short online courses. Parents & coaches take one 30-minute course per year and advance through the curriculum as their athlete continues to participate in your organization (3rd-8th grade).

The 6 Courses Inside The Iceberg System

Three simple steps

How The Overall Process Works



Book A Chat

We’ll talk and then you’ll determine if we go to step 2.  If so, you’ll get FREE access to course 1 to vet the program. You’ll also get materials about The Iceberg System to share with your fellow board members.


Schedule A Group Talk

We’ll book a 10-minute Zoom or in-person meeting with your board. I’ll explain how The Iceberg System works and answer any questions. If interested, your entire board will get FREE access to course 1.


Watch Your Association Thrive

Your kids will have a blast and play year after year.  Your organization will have fewer headaches & hassles because parents & coaches are on the same page about how to create a great youth sports experience.


What Youth Sports Leaders Are Saying About The Iceberg System


“I thought these videos were awesome! I love how they are short and get right to the point. The parent-child relationship is spot-on! My kids watched lessons 1 & 3 and they were locked in and had very positive feedback.”

Brad Keenan

Boys Traveling Coordinator, Chaska Area Basketball Association

I thought these videos were very well done and great reminders for parents and coaches.  Great explanations and very good examples on how to approach the different topics!”

Steve McAndrew

Coaching Director, Wayzata Boys Basketball Association

“I thought the lessons were excellent.  The concise presentation of the information was very good.  I thought the lessons were a fantastic summary of parent issues without being too preachy.  They were a great length too.”

Daniel Harrison

President, Cottage Grove Athletic Association

Book a Chat Now

Have Fewer Parent-Coach Issues While Kids Love Playing In Your Organization


The Zoom call will take 10-15 minutes…

You can ask me any questions you have about The Iceberg System.

I’ll ask you a few simple questions about your organization to see if it may be a good fit.

If it doesn’t seem like a match or if you’re no longer interested, that’s ok, we’ll just go our separate ways.

If you want to further vet The Iceberg System, you’ll get FREE access to course 1, so you can experience it yourself.  Plus, I’ll give you materials that you can share with other board members.


For The Kids

The Investment


For Organizations





For Individuals





Plus These Bonuses For Organizations


Parents & coaches will receive a series of short weekly emails during the season.  Each email contains one simple topic from the course to put into action.


Feel like an All-Star. Iceberg Sports Education will set up your account so your Administrator can focus on more important things for the families in your organization.


Get everything you need to quickly implement The Iceberg System – Login information, email templates explaining the program, and discover how to track participation.


Do You Have Questions?

Is parent & coach participation optional or required?

Parent & coach participation is required and our software easily tracks compliance.

Iceberg Sports Education partners with youth sports organizations to make a huge impact on the youth sports experience for kids.

Most adults don’t realize they need sports parent or coach education, so if it’s optional, participation is poor.

How do the 6 courses work together?

Parents & coaches in an organization take ONE course per year. The 6 courses are designed like a school curriculum.

If your organization has 3rd-8th grade athletes:

In year 1 of our partnership, everyone watches Course 1. In the 2nd year of partnership, the 3rd-grade parents & coaches view Course 1 and 4th-8th-grade parents & coaches see Course 2. And so on…

By the 6th year of partnership, each grade will be watching a different course.

What if a family joins our organization after 3rd grade / 9U?

If a family joins your organization after 3rd grade / 9U, they will start with course 1 and progress one course per year.

How much time and effort will it take to implement?

It will take about an hour of your Administrator’s time in total.

Are there a ways to reduce the cost of The Iceberg System?

Yes.  There are 3 ways to reduce your organization’s costs.

1. The Referral Program – For every organization your group refers that partners with Iceberg Sports Education, you will receive a 10% discount. The organization you refer will also get a 10 % discount.  There are no limits on the number of organizations you may refer.  For example: If you refer 3 organizations, you’ll get a 30% discount. 

2. Multiple organizations within the same community – If more than one organization in your community uses The Iceberg System, the organizations will “split” the cost of educating parents & coaches.  For example: If a community’s football, basketball, and softball programs all use The Iceberg System, the parents & coaches involved in those organizations will progress through the curriculum one course per season.

*If you’re interested in The Iceberg System, reach out to other sports organizations in your community. You could get a “referral discount” and “split” the cost of educating parents & coaches!*

3. Leagues & Alliances – If a league or alliance of organizations requires all members to participate in The Iceberg System, every member organization will receive a 20% discount.