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The Iceberg System

Be The Best Parent Or Coach For Your Youth Athletes

The Youth Sports Problem

The Silent Crisis In Youth Sports Today


50% of kids in the United States quit sports by 11 years old.

The #1 reason why kids quit is because they're not having fun.

It's NOT just the overzealous adults damaging the experience, level-headed ones are too.

The 3 Layers Of Challenges In Youth Athletics


Tip of The Iceberg: (Problems Everyone Sees)

These are the issues that are visible on game days:

  • Parents & coaches screaming on the sidelines or from the stands.
  • Youth coaches who prioritize winning over player development & fun.
  • Overbearing parents who push their kids too hard.

Mid-Iceberg: (Common Worries)

These aspects are less obvious, but adults can benefit from guidance:

  • Sports specialization, burnout, performance pressure, & overuse injuries
  • The truth about college athletic scholarships
  • The most effective strategies for player development – physical & mental

Base of The Iceberg: (Mistakes Adults Unknowingly Make)

These are subtle actions or words that often negatively impact youth athletes:

  • Parents coach their unreceptive kids on the car ride home.
  • Coaches constantly shout instructions to their players during the game.
  • Adults often tell anxious players, “Don’t be nervous.”

The Youth Sports Solution

The Iceberg System Enhances Awareness & Understanding


Who: Parents & coaches of 3rd-8th grade athletes

Parents & coaches take the same courses, so everyone gets on the same page about how to create a great youth sports experience for kids.

What: Short online courses taken at home

Parents & coaches in youth sports organizations only take ONE 30-minute online course per year as their athletes progress from 3rd to 8th grade.

How: Our program tackles all 3 layers of problems

With its 6 distinct courses, The Iceberg System comprehensively tackles today’s youth sports challenges without overwhelming parents & coaches.

The First Course

Here’s What You Get From Course 1


Parents stop coaching their unreceptive athletes on the car ride home.  It’s the one thing kids dislike most about youth sports.

Coaches clearly explain to parents & athletes how playing time is determined.  A coach’s lack of transparency about playing time is parents’ primary complaint in youth sports.

Parents align their goals with their children’s.  Both parents & coaches will help their athletes to focus on things they control significantly reducing stress on kids.

Parents & coaches gain insights into what truly makes sports enjoyable for kids, ensuring athletes have a blast and continue playing year after year.

Communication is significantly improved between parents, coaches, and athletes due to these 5 tools:


The coach gets a copy of the Parent & Athlete Primers

The Parent Primer

Helps parents clarify their goals for their child while giving coaches insight into the parent’s expectations and how to best coach the child.

The Athlete Primer

Streamlines communication on the child’s goals and expectations for the season, aligning athletes, parents, & coaches for smooth collaboration.

The Coach’s Checklist

Optimizes coaches’ pre-season team meeting by ensuring all important topics are addressed, and ensures everyone is clear on how playing time decisions will be made.


The In-Season Discussion Checklist

Allows coaches to gauge the quality of the experience they’re delivering and make adjustments if needed.  Athletes fill out this survey 1/3 of the way through the season. 

The Anonymous Team Survey

Equips parents with thought-provoking questions to foster deeper conversations with their child to strengthen the parent-athlete bond during the season.


Youth Sports Leaders Applaud The Iceberg System


“Parents really enjoyed The Iceberg System and we had great feedback on it. This is really worth it.”

Chad Greenway


“I thought the lessons were excellent. They were a fantastic summary of parent issues without being too preachy.”

Daniel Harrison


I thought these videos had great explanations and very good examples on how to approach different topics!”

Steve McAndrew


Curriculum of Courses

The 6 Courses Inside The Iceberg System


The 3 STep Plan

Here’s How The Process Works For Youth Sports Organizations




Check out our website including the free resources located in the menu bar as well as the video below detailing The Iceberg System.



Enable your board to make an informed decision. Schedule a 10-minute virtual or in-person chat for your next board meeting. 



Create an environment where kids have a blast, maintain their love for the game, and are excited to play year after year.

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Determine If The Iceberg System Is A Good Fit For You


For The Kids

The Investment


For Individuals





For Organizations





Plus These Bonuses For Organizations…

so it’s quick and easy to implement


Feel like an All-Star. Iceberg Sports Education will set up a custom account for your organization so you can focus on more important things for the families in your association.


You won’t have to spend precious time crafting your own communication about The Iceberg System. Customize the ready-to-go templates to fit your program’s needs.


Our software allows you to generate custom reports tracking parent & coach participation at each age level / grade. All it takes is just a click of a button.


This 30-minute call provides you with a thorough walk-through of the process, ensuring you’re prepared and confident to implement The Iceberg System in your organization.

Parents & Coaches Cheer For The Iceberg System



“Originally, I thought this was a silly thing to have to do because I feel like I’m not a crazy parent but I realized that I’m making a lot of mistakes and this course helped me !!! I’m excited to use what I learned this season!”


“Everyone needs to hear this message.  The coach’s stuff on playing time was wonderful.”


“I thought the information was really helpful and wish that I had known some of these things years ago.”

Our Guarantee

A Final Word To YSO Leaders


I recognize the weight of responsibility you carry as a youth sports organization (YSO) leader. Every decision you make impacts the families in your association. Naturally, you want to ensure those decisions are both wise and economically sound.

To support you in this mission, Iceberg Sports Education offers YSO leaders FREE access to the entire first course.  It’s not just about giving you a sneak peek; it’s about guaranteeing The Iceberg System aligns perfectly with your organization’s goals and expectations.

Together, let’s help well-meaning youth sports parents & coaches become wise. After all, the kids deserve it.

Lynnelle Sell

Founder, Iceberg Sports Education


Do You Have Questions?

Is parent & coach participation optional or required?

Parent & coach participation is required.

Iceberg Sports Education partners with youth sports organizations to make a lasting impact on the youth sports experience for kids. Most adults don’t realize they need sports parent or coach education, so if it’s optional, participation is poor.

Our software tracks parent & coach participation. 

How do the 6 courses work together?

Parents & coaches in an organization take ONE course per year. The 6 courses are designed like a school curriculum.

If your organization has 3rd-8th grade athletes:

In year 1 of our partnership, everyone watches Course 1. In the 2nd year of partnership, the 3rd-grade parents & coaches view Course 1 and 4th-8th-grade parents & coaches see Course 2. And so on…

By the 6th year of partnership, each grade will be watching a different course.

What if a family joins our organization after 3rd grade / 9U?

If a family joins your organization after 3rd grade / 9U, they will start with course 1 and progress one course per year.

How much time and effort will it take to implement?

It will take about an hour of time in total for your organization to implement The Iceberg System. 

Are there a ways to reduce the cost of The Iceberg System?

Yes.  There are 3 ways to reduce your organization’s costs.

1. The Referral Program – For every organization your group refers that partners with Iceberg Sports Education, you will receive a 10% discount. The organization you refer will also get a 10 % discount.  There are no limits on the number of organizations you may refer.  For example: If you refer 3 organizations, you’ll get a 30% discount. 

2. Multiple organizations within the same community – If more than one organization in your community uses The Iceberg System, the organizations will “split” the cost of educating parents & coaches.  For example: If a community’s football, basketball, and softball programs all use The Iceberg System, the parents & coaches involved in those organizations will progress through the curriculum one course per season.

*If you’re interested in The Iceberg System, reach out to other sports organizations in your community. You could get a “referral discount” and “split” the cost of educating parents & coaches!*

3. Leagues & Alliances – If a league or alliance of organizations requires all members to participate in The Iceberg System, every member organization will receive a 20% discount.